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Posted by rwandaonline on May 12, 2009



When the visiting United Nation’s Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Executive Director, Ines Alberdi, came to Rwanda expressed an illusive satisfaction over women’s prominence and parity in the country’s governance. In her first visit to Rwanda, when Kigali hosted the UNIFEM’s central African regional office that covers nine countries. She addressed the Journalists shortly after meeting Mr. Paul Kagame.

Ines Alberdi was treated to the usual lies manufactured in Rwanda and imported within and without Rwanda as it always has been over two decades. Ines Alberdi was told that Rwanda is the first African country that has more women in the National parliament, which I don’t dispute but what they hid from her it is how they got there. As a professor of Political Science in Rwanda National University and an Economic Consultant for many African NGOs, I want to analyze for our special guest Ines Alberdi of the true picture of why we have many women in parliament unlike other African countries. As it was published in an online newspaper All Africa News which is the RPF sponsored medium of Kagame’s propaganda, the UNIFEM leader was told that Rwanda is following a right path to parity of women in all government institutions. But what they forgot to tell Ines Alberdi is that it is not by mercy or by grace that Kagame has put most of women in the institutions of leadership in Rwanda.

Instead Rwanda is a nation in crisis which called for special measures which turn into a political lying card. The truth is this that when the RPF invaded a sovereign nation and started butchering the people of Byumba whose story has never been told because of USA and UK interest, majority of those who were slaughtered were young people who were in High Schools, Colleges, and Universities. This mass killing that never drew the world’s attention just simply because of those who were dying they were not the race of interest to UK and USA.

The RPF Kagame led killings continued in most various parts of Ruhengeri and Mutara in Rwanda between 1990s and 1994. Majority of these people killed in RPF conquered zones were young people and learnt promising generation. The scenario didn’t stop there of exterminating the young male people in Rwanda by RPF led by Kagame. They continued to selectively kill and maim people believed to be from Hutu community in their pursuit of making the majority the minority and the minority the majority. When the fratricide of 1994 took place, the majority of those Tutsis and Hutu moderates that died were male. Majority of them were educated. This also is another contributing factor that has participated in male shortage in Rwanda.

In 1994 the RPF led by Kagame and supported by USA and UK managed to take over after lying to the world that the killing that happened in 1994 after the terrorism act of shooting Habyalimana’s jet which killed him and his Burundian counterpart was not a fratricide by genocide. This is when they executed their plans to kill all educated Hutus and jail indefinitely those who could escape their clubs. They embarked on a mission to make the majority who are Hutus into a minority community. They killed all young Hutus who had gone to school. Those who escaped are those who fled to DR Congo. This didn’t last because in 1996 the RPF backed by UK,USA,Uganda, and Kabila attacked the refugees camps in Eastern DRC where they continued their mission to exterminate all educated Hutus and young male who are the future of Rwanda.

Those whom they couldn’t kill put them behind the bars without any legal assistance in order to get rotten there. They hunted them throughout their flight into the Congo forest where they killed, maimed and imprisoned the innocent Hutus all in the name of killing the ‘Genocidaires’. The world continued watching the hopeless Hutus being murdered without any sort of help. This has continued until today. Those who were lucky to escape to farthest countries where Kagame has no access, they are scrupulously put on the list of genocidaires all designed to deny educated Hutus peace and access to freedom of movement in order to allow the Kagame led bandit group to continue oppressing Rwandans. Those who are abroad and are educated they have no rights to come and serve in Rwanda because of Kagame who continues preaching his lies to the world that all Hutus participated in the fratricide of 1994. This has made Rwanda experience a cute shortage of educated males in all domains of leadership in Rwanda.

All the people who were killed 67% were the males and educated ones. This has made Rwanda especially Kagame’s administration have no option but to use the female in order to fill up the gap left by this innocent Rwandans who are the victims of Kagame’s selfishness. Therefore Kagame has done nothing good to put more women in parliament, because he had no option but to put them there in order to rule without any opposition. Many men died since 1990s others are in the clandestine prisons, those who survived Kagame’s brutality are living in diaspora. These are the main factors of having more women in Rwandan parliament.

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