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This is an unexhaustive list of Hutu Community who were butchered by the joint forces of DRC and RPF in Eastern DRC

Posted by rwandaonline on June 2, 2009

This is an unexhaustive List of the Rwandan Hutu refugees brutally murdered by the joint military operation of Rwanda Patriotic Army (RDF) and the Democratic Republic of Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) at SHARIO and MAROKE in North Kivu.

1. Uwihoreye Richard, Male, 40 ans
2. Munyandinda Jean-Marie Vianney, Male, 50 ans
3. Uwamahoro Beatha, Femelle, 2 ans
4. Muhetsi, Male, 40 ans
5. Gahungu, Male, 1 an
6. Gaudence, Femelle, 35 ans
7. Julienne, Femelle, 2 ans
8. Mukandayisenga, Femelle, 1an
9. Mujyambere, Male, 48 ans
10.Kazwinande Jean d’Amour, Male, 50 ans
11.Fumberi, Male, 40 ans
12.Habiyaremye Pascal, Male, 55 ans
13.Nyirarugendo Thaciana, Femelle, 54 ans
14.Bimenyimana Fidèle, Male, 45 ans
15.Ndaziganje Lucien, Male, 50 ans
16.Mugoyi, Male, 45 ans
17.Nyiraneza Elisabeth, Femelle, 70 ans
18.Ntakirutinka, Male, 60 ans
19.Kwigira Cyprien, Male, 42 ans
20.Mushimiye, Femelle, 20 ans
21.Mushi Anastase, Male, 35 ans
22.Byiringiro Erneste, Male, 5 ans 
23.Mbabazi Samuel, Male, 40 ans
24. Kaneza Catherine, Femelle, 37 ans
25.Uwimbabazi Anne Marie, Femelle, 12 ans
26.Niyomugabo Emmanuel, Male, 10 ans
27. Mushimiyimana Godeleive, Femelle, 8 ans
28.Nzabazira Eric, Male, 10 ans
29.Ngabonziza Eric, Male, 16 ans
30.Safali Oscar, Male, 3 ans
31.Ingabire, Femelle, 14 ans
32.Bikorimana Jean, Male, 2 ans
33.Ndahimana, Male, 9 ans
34.Uwamahoro Pascasie, Femelle, 44 ans
35.Mukantwari Devota, Femelle, 14 ans
36.Karekezi Adam, Male, 59 ans
37.Muhire Jean Marie Vienney, Male, 40 ans
38.Muvandimwe, Male, 36 ans
39.Koboyi Theogene, Male, 40 ans
40.Uwitonze Jeanne, Femelle, 12 ans
41.Gishuhe Thomas, Male, 14 ans
42.Uzamukunda Lea, Femelle, 20 ans
43.Musabyimana Philippe, Male, 17 ans 
44.Nyiranzabonimana, Femelle, 25 ans
45.Agatha, Femelle, 45 ans
46.Nzarora John, Male, 15 ans
47.Ubarijoro Léonard, Male, 65 ans
48.Habimana Fidèle, Male, 12 ans
49.Mukamanzi Drocelle, Femelle, 50 ans
50.Nyiraneza Esperance, Femelle, 17 ans
51.Gashema Moïse, Male, 54 ans 
52.Hakizimana Emmanuel, Male, 25 ans
53.Niyonsaba, Femelle, 24 ans
54.Uwiragiye Josephine, Femelle, 8 ans
55.Furaha, Femelle, 5 ans
56.Nahayo, Male, 2 ans
57.Nyiramana, Femelle, 5 ans
58.Mukantwari, Femelle, 10 ans
59.Uwinema Marie, Femelle, 7 ans
60.Habiyambere , Male, 25 ans
61.Ayinkamiye Julienne, Femelle, 24 ans
62.Muhawenimana, Femelle, 6 ans
63.Mukantabana, Femelle, 20 ans

4 Responses to “This is an unexhaustive list of Hutu Community who were butchered by the joint forces of DRC and RPF in Eastern DRC”

  1. Miss Jasmine said

    Rwandans Hutu refugees died in Dr Congo are a lots and a lots millions, billions, and billiary killed by UNHCR I was there now I am in USA and I am Citizen in USA and I am Hutu. In long history of Hutu refugees killed in Dr Congo blood was like Ocean, blood was river. First time people killed in refugee camp by dropping bomb’s to them. Then people who did not die has to run from refugee camp. A while, by keep going in forest of Dr Congo then killed and killed billions, there was Airline’s followed refugees in forest of Dr Congo dropped bomb’s to refugees and dropped bomb’s to refugees everywhere in forest of Dr Congo where refugees were continue going. Other Airlines served Tutsi solders including food, bringing more Tutsi solders to kill all Hutu refugees, bringing more Grenade’s, guns, knife’s and all kinds weapons to kill all Hutu Refugees.
    Those Airline’s was UNHCR service and those Airlines was English speaking , Americans white people.
    I was in forest in Dr Congo, I went until Tingitingi forest in Dr Congo, I was 10 years old girl. Tutsi killed all people I left myself in forest , I survived when I went out street in forest then they couldn’t see me because was havy forest. I watched them, I was see them but they did not see me. After 2 weeks they left there. Then I got up I went in street to see if anyone. But I couldn’t see anyone survive. Since then I lived with animals and they protect me until Congoress church come in forest then they pick me to orphanage facility.
    I will post death of Hutu refugees killed until I will be die, I cannot be patients for babies killed in forest of Dr Congo, children’s killed, woman’s killed, and all Hutu population killed. End by end not be reported not be known Hutu killed, Genocide to Hutu killed in Dr Congo because UNHCR was directed to kill all Rwandans Hutu refugees until today.
    Always UNHCR enemy to Rwandans Hutu Refugees, always UNHCR enemy.

  2. Nepo said

    Fellow mourners,

    I am a burundian resident in Ontario, Canada, who knows more about Great Lakes politics. I was shocked to hear what happened to our beloved brothers and sisters in Shalio, but this should have been a surprise for FARDC/RPF coalition commended by Kigali regime to plan and premedite this blood act. We may not put too much blame on FARDC, according to information in Kivus, Congolese army and local hutu Congolese leaders are getting butchered everyday by Kagame/ Kabila regime hiding under the bunner of the so-called CNDP (ex-tutsi rebels). Whenever Congolese officials are asked they reply that Tutsi are very agressive, if one is arrested for the massacre, his collegues may kill the entile country. For how long will this continue to be a so-called defence? Guys, we still have a long journey to accomplish, anyway, I will petition to my Member of Parliament, and let you know the feedback. Deeply stressful, Nepomucene


    its too bad to witness a hutu genocide continuing in DRC while the world is just watching so where are those so called hutu politicians who talk on the media but do little to protect or to advocate for the rights of their brothers and sisters dying just like flies.this is a high time for all those hutus in diaspora to tell the world considering all this list of innocent young people being killed in the name of hunting interahamwa majority of this people are children and teenagers when did they kill?

    • this list has shocked me when I read and found the name of my beloved sister is there.I hope the world is watching how Kagame continues to be Kagome.I beg the whole world to know the turth of our suffering.I am in holland and I thought my sis had died along time but here it is now

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