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Posted by rwandaonline on March 31, 2009

The FDLR Military as they patrol Eastern DRC

The FDLR Military as they patrol Eastern DRC

FDLR PRESS RELEASE NR. 08/SE/CD/MARCH/2009 The FDLR condemn the dilatory belligerent manoeuvres of Kigali to justify a new military incursion in the DRC. The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda ( FDLR ) condemn once again the ongoing war in the eastern DRC and inform the public, media and the International Community that on 23 March 2009 at 17H30 GMT, Rwandan soldiers of the Rwandan Patriotic Army / Rwanda Defense Forces (RPA/RDF) hidden under the banner of CNDP launched two (2) shells in Rwanda from North Kivu in the DRC. The toll of that attack remains unknown. This attack to be falsely attributed by the Kigali regime to the FDLR is aimed at giving a new pretext to that regime for sending more troops into the DRC in order to rescue the 12,000 Rwandan soldiers already in the DRC that suffered major defeats these recent weeks while facing valiant Abacunguzi of the FDLR . The FDLR remind the public, the media and the International Community that more than 12,000 Rwandan troops are still present in eastern DRC and that the war that the coalition of the RPA/RDF and the FARDC imposed on the FDLR , on Rwandan refugees and on Congolese people of eastern DRC continues to make victims. The FDLR inform the public, the media and the International Community that Rwanda would have done a forcing in recent days to the Congolese authorities to have the official permission to intervene again in the DRC without success. Faced with this clear refusal and the rejection by the Congolese people of the Rwandan intervention in the DRC, Rwanda is trying by all means to find a reason to motivate an official return to the DRC. The FDLR condemn such practices of Kigali and urge the International Community to remain vigilant and not let the Kigali authorities continue to sow death and destruction in the Great Lakes region of Africa . The FDLR remain convinced that the path of war will never solve the political problem of Rwanda and appeal once again on the Kigali regime and Western countries that continue to blindly support this regime to end the ongoing war in the eastern DRC, which is unjust, senseless and without end and to organize as soon as possible direct talks with the FDLR in order to settle the political problem of Rwanda. Done in Paris on 30 March 2009


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  2. Alfa Mike said

    Ronnie, you know what?
    because you are not intelligent, it seem like you didn’t go to school
    an intelligent person don’talk like you
    do you know what HUTU mean? HUTU mean BANTU.
    and TUTSI mean NILOT

    if you are really from East Africa region, Please compare: Turukana, Masai.. and Kikuyu or Kisii?
    Please tell me which tribe is Powerful?

    I know you Mother she is a Tutsi, and your Dad he is a Jaluo..

  3. Alfa Mike said

    Let’s say that Good is there between you two Guys HUTU & TUTSI
    what is going on right now you both don’t know.

    the true Judge is only God
    Human bin are all evil..!
    Inyenzi ziragaswela zanyina…!!!

  4. Lolita said

    Don’t you two realize what you’re doing. You are spreading hate, the exact same one that had plagued the Great Lakes Region. Enough blood has already been shed, do we need any more hateful and spiteful vengeance propagating online? You must stop this ridiculous nonsense and try to comprehend that neither of you are any better than those who are the perpatrators of the war and the current dictators of the bloodthirsty reckless regime in Kigali. Ronnie you claim to be East African but you keep insisting on killing Hutus. Why would an East African even care about the ethnic problems of Rwanda unless you are one or come from the Horn of Africa thus are considered to be the brother of Tutsis?? Haganirimfura, you too are just as guilty by stating the stereotypical comment a radical Hutu would make. Make peace with one another and try to work together to rid this world of hate and blood and war. Too many of us have suffered and it’s time to put a stop to the turbulence and it starts with small things like these childish nonsense prejudiced/racist/stereotyped shenanigans. I urge you to forgive and forget the past and what your ancestors may have done to one another and let us work hand in hand to put an end to the Kigali regime.

  5. ronnie said

    I surely hate hutus. Am not rwandese they are inhuman. FDRL should be killed all of them. They are killers. To hell Bagosoras Ntabakuzes and Nsegiyumvas.

    • hhahahah,i dont hate tutsis but i hate stupid tutsis like you who spend her time serving igituba hoping to achieve blood will never get away from hutus they will still get hold of they are every where you cant hide even when you were typing this i was seeing you so where do you think you can go.please coll down we bargain and accept your minority share before my sons come to give you your appropriate place

      • ronnie said

        I said I’m not a rwandese, I come from east africa you silly man.You didnt create tutsis, are you God to eliminate them??You did not succeed 1959, 1994. What makes you think you will succeed these tym.Accept that tutsis are part of rwanda upende usipende.Go to hell or hang youself

  6. Mindins said

    I wholeheartedly support the FDLR because those are my fellow Hutus who are innocent and have been forced out of the country and being hunted down like dogs by the Kagame regime and the US. All they want is to go back their homeland and bring justice, truth and peace. The international community has no idea that the problems in DRC are because of Kagame and the USA. Hopefully Obama will truthfully accuse Kagame of his horrid war crimes to all of mankind. This man needs to go to jail for life with no chance of parole.

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